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April 20-23, 2015 - visit to Prevost farm

Enid, Montana
School still stands (middle of picture)

Enid, Montana
This would have been the east side (about where dad lived)

Enid, Montana
Grain elevator  (both dad and grandpa worked in grain elevators in Enid and/or Lambert)

Enid, Montana
Dad said that his grandfather planted this tree and as a boy he had to carry a bucket of water to it every day

Prevost cattle
When we were kids visiting the farm we helped get cows out of this pasture at milking time  (No dairy cows now - just mama's feeding their calfs)

Prevost Farm - straw buncher
When we visited as kids we used to play in this and some of you might remember when Daryl got hurt

Sheelah Prevost

Donna & Ralph Brown - Jim Anez - Delores Irigoin

Jim Anez - Charles and Lauren Prevost - Don Prevost
Charles is the son of Bob & Sheelah and Lauren is his daughter
  Buttes School - where dad taught in 1943
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